New life has been breathed into the former Hotel Rezia in Sent. A charming small mountain hotel has emerged.

Welcome to the Pensiun Aldier!

After six months of renovation, the house has opened its doors again. No deluxe hotel has emerged. The house wanted to remain a mountain hotel and the Sent architect and designer Duri Vital ensured that this was realized with care and insight.

For us, Suzanne and Carlos Gross, the new owning family, a long-cherished wish came true: the wish to create something quite unique in a beautiful place and a picturesque village. To create a venue, where we can merge our passions for art and culture with a hotel. We succeeded!

The hotel emanates a certain aura. It is comfy, pleasant and yet still has an elegant simplicity. At the same time you can sense a certain magic and creative energy. A cosy place, you feel you have arrived, are at home. To design a private space of comfort for people in search of quiet was our greatest desire, far more than to strive for stars and points.

“Simply be” translates into a serene, decelerated stay in our house. It is also synonymous for harmony, conscious simplicity and contemplativeness. You may sense the moods of the place and give into them. With this in mind: welcome!

Susanne und Carlos Gross
Suzanne & Carlos Gross