LIGHT AND SHADOW Ernst Scheidegger, his view of Alberto Giacometti and the artists

Carlos Gross

The photo book is the intimate view of Ernst Scheidegger on his friend Alberto
Giacometti and his life in Paris, as well as the artists of the time, with whom
Scheidegger was also friends.

The photos are part of the collection of the hotelier Carlos Gross in the
Pensiun Aldier in 7554 Sent, where the museum of the graphic works of Alberto Giacometti is
located ( All photos are individual and
signed prints and can be viewed in the hotel. Gross and Scheidegger had a nearly 20-year-old
friendship that lasted nearly 20 years and created the collection together during this time.

A sensual journey through pre-and postwar Paris.

Hardcover in A4 format, 94 pages
With 76 black / white, partly double-sided, illustrations
Texts in German by Helen Grob, Roger de Weck and Carlos Gross.

Price: Fr. 38.00 Shipping
Switzerland Fr. 9.00
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01.02.2019Pensiun Aldier
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